Thursday, December 11, 2008

Gestures in Literacy #6: The Christmas List Gesture

Series summary: PDXWD took games one and two, but then the Readers roared back to take an incredible, classic game three and then a game four that had PDXWD talking to itself. PDXWD offered what seemed a less-challenging gesture in game five, so many expected the Readers to take that game, as well. But in a stunning turnabout, the Readers stole defeat from the jaws of victory, and PDXWD took game five--and then also, somewhere in there, began narrating as if the whole thing were a pro sports playoff series in the 2-3-2 format.

Which means that now you're back in OUR house, Readers! Game six, baby! A sellout crowd in the arena, our discourse community basically shut down, all eyes on the Gesture--and just kind of comma-splicing fragments at this point, so damn excited!

BOOM BOOM shoof. BOOM BOOM shoof. BOOM BOOM shoof. BOOM BOOM shoof. Singing: We. Will. We. Will. Rock you.

Sing it!

We. Will. We. Will--[Oh! Interrupted by shockingly tasty guitar lick!] All right! [Super-70's guitar solo! Shredding as if to end all shredding!]

You have one week. And every time we say something tough like that, you solve it in an afternoon, so who knows what will happen? That's why we play the games, baby!


  1. I don't have out with kids enough to do this one, I guess, but here's a start:

    Star Wars lightsaber fighting kit. Pocketknife. [?] costume. Spiderman costume. Ironman [toy?]. All of the Pokémons [that'll have ever existed?]. 10 packs of Bakugan. Rocket [?] [dirt?] gun. One golden Pokémon Card. [Mountain gunderton tutor?]. iPod. A Pokémon pack of cards. The Ironman movie. A [webntoter?] some [teas?!] and some [entreats?] from Ethan. Nintendo DS game Pokémon and more too.

    Maybe Santa should only give the scribe what he can read...

  2. I don't hang out with kids, I mean. I also don't have it out with kids often enough, I guess.

  3. Don't worry, Chris--some of us are both hanging out with AND having it out with kids often enough to cover plenty of other people.

    Some readers have pointed out that a list doesn't allow one to solve based on preceding and/or ensuing sentence context. So in the spirit of competition and fair play, we will respond with:

    -- There are 16 items on the list.

    -- Chris has correctly solved items 2, 4, 5, 7, 9, 11, 12, 13, and 16.

  4. Oh, I guess it's actually "An iPod" -- "A IPOD" rather than the awesome misspelling that I originally took it for, "aiPod", as if it made you go "ay ay ay!"

  5. star wars light saber
    iron man toy
    rocket launcher
    dart gun
    root 'n' tooter
    the iron man movie
    pokemon mystery something.

    -Ms. Swift

  6. Where you stand now, Readers, with Ms. Swift's additional work:

    1. [you haven't quite gotten it]
    2. pocket knife
    3. [you are baffled]
    4. Spiderman costume
    5. Ironman toy
    6. [mystifies you]
    7. 10 packs of Bakugan
    8. Rocket-launcher dart gun
    9. One golden Pokemon card
    10. [you are not close to solving]
    11. An iPod
    12. A Pokemon pack of cards
    13. the Ironman movie
    14. [you are stumped]
    15. [you'll never solve it]
    16. From Ethan (a false close to the list, which then goes on to include--)
    17. Nintendo DS game "Pokemon," and more, too!

  7. Ah, is Ethan our mystery scribe? Ah.

    3. Indiana Jones costume.

  8. 1. Star Wars Lightsaber building kit?

  9. Well. So you've solved 1 and 3. But 6, 10, 14, and 15 elude you. Bwah hah hah!