Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Poverty Holidays Gift #12: Rick Bass, "The Hermit's Story"

Bass's The Hermit's Story is a short story collection. Of the title story, a reviewer earlier this fall said:

"'The Hermit's Story' is a story of the North, where once the boldest, most thrilling adventure stories were set. (The otherworlds we most commonly imagine today are farther off, in galaxies far, far away. Only the residue of polar glamour is left in our cultural memory, nostalgized now and then by McSweeney's). Bass's North is an unfamiliar North, though: a nighttime North, oddly warm and wet and cold at once, both frozen and so alive, ice-blue and fire-orange, of-the-earth and full of the smells of lake and mud."

The book has been seen around town.

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