Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Gestures in Literacy #4 is over, defeated by--guh!--teamwork

The old record was 2 hours, 25 minutes. But today you've set a new record, keri (and whatever nefarious forces are on your "team"): Gestures in Literacy #4 was up for all of 55 minutes before you solved it. As keri said...

The hospital people said the acid was running to his heart and all they could do was put a magnet in his body

Team effort.

chris, of course, set the expectation that solutions will also include the contents of the other side of the page. So at least we denied you that satisfaction, keri and co., didn't we?

The only mystery left for our other, non-team-using readers, then, keri and co.--if that even is your real names, you fancypants scoundrels--is the flip side. Which is:

"So they did." Ha. You didn't get that. Because we didn't show it to you, but so what? You didn't get it. So we tie. Yep, that's right--tie. Oh, we're being petulant? Really? We're being sore losers? Is that right? Well excuuuse us!

We're taking our gestures and going home now. Bye. Buh bye. Maybe we'll be back tomorrow, maybe not. Bye now. We're leaving. Going now. Bye.



  1. All while I was napping! Ah well.

  2. Great. You made my favorite part of the internets sad and petulant. Thanks a lot, Keri.

    Incidentally, I'm not sure I agree with PDXWD's interpretation of the verso. It may actually read "Soledad," an inscription which certainly makes more sense when considered in conjunction with the accompanying illustration.

  3. Jeez! Can't a girl engage in a little community action networking without being (not-so-subtly) accused of petty chicanery? According to PDX Writer, I guess not. And to think, all this time I thought you were hip to teamwork. Now I see that this project is only about you. Very well, I shall work in abject solitude next time! You happy now?