Thursday, September 18, 2008

PDXWD's new game: Gestures in Literacy

(Some of the people who make up the loose collective that is PDX Writer Daily have, through their own moral laxness and irresponsibility, been charged with the raising of children. Some of these children are working, these days, on acquiring written language. So now, in the first of what may become an ongoing series, we present to you PDXWD's new puzzle game, sweeping the, um...sweeping the neighborhood. Or sweeping a few houses. Kind of.)

Gestures in Literacy

Here's how Gestures in Literacy works: we post an image of something a person--a small person, probably, and very young--has written. You: try to decode what it says. We: post the answer the next day.

Okay? Okay! Today's image is posted. Look at it closely. What does it say? What do you think? Show your friends. Show your co-workers. Work the problem, people. Talk it out. You can do it.

Answer tomorrow!