Wednesday, September 3, 2008

A Compendium of Miniatures is still available

A Compendium of Miniatures, pictured at left (your left, our right), looks like a pretty cool thing. There seem to be other cool things for sale over at Plazm Web hq, but this thing seems especially cool, according to the local blog Seed Cake and Plazm's catalogue:

by Tiffany Lee Brown
(Portland: 2GQ/Tiger Food Press, 2007)

"Miniature narratives and rhythmic metaphors redefine the words that tell life's big stories. Limited edition of 50 signed, numbered books hand-bound in silk. Hand-set in Deepdene and letterpress printed in two colors on recyled (sic) paper using soy-based inks by Clare Carpenter of Tiger Food Press. Case-bound, 48 pages, approximately 4" x 6"."

It costs about $85 for most people (well, it's "hand-bound in silk"; what did you expect?), but we here at PDX Writer Daily consider ourselves book reviewers, and we expect to receive our promotional copies any day now. Except that UPS does not deliver to our current address, the empty upstairs bar Apothoke, where we continue to scuttle around the floor, searching for drops of weird Scandinavian cordials left behind when the bar closed several months ago.

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