Friday, September 26, 2008

Gestures in Literacy: HRASHES!

Gestures in Literacy is back. This week's contributor has given us a picture puzzle. What is the one word that appears in this picture? It is crucial that you decode the message! The fate of, um...of this game rests on it!

Answer on Tuesday.

(If you are in possession of a Gesture in Literacy you would like to contribute, feel free to email it to, and we'll try to work it in.)


  1. This is obviously some kind funereal ritual.

    Here we see various implements that were important to this person during her life. At top right, her favorite banana, at left a treasured handbag. In the center is a painting she composed of 8 black crows flying over a somber beach.

    At bottom, of course, is the bag of 'her ashes'.

    My blessings to the departed.

  2. The general tank image alludes to the current standoff between Somali pirates and the military powers racing to recapture a Ukrainian vessel full of tanks and other arms.

    The symbolism at the tank's top (flag = nation; crescent = religion) mimic Marxian notions of base/ superstructure.

    At the pyramid/tank's base is, in effectively grand lettering, the name of an international brand that, like the romantic dream of high-seas piracy, invades the heart of every boy: Thrasher Skateboard Company.

    Short answer: Thrasher.