Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Gestures in Literacy: "The Classics"

Welcome to Gestures in Literacy, Vol. 3. We have entitled it "The Classics." Yes, that is a hint. Pretty oblique, but still a hint.

You know how it works. The answer will be provided Friday afternoon. And now: Welcome. Won't you...enter the gesture? Bwah ha ha ha!


  1. Plato was very good friends with Socrates. But Socrates died. Socrates was the teacher of Plato. He wrote about Socrates.

    [Picture of Socrates in coffin near where Plato writes yet another book and throws it on the teetering pile of his collected works.]

    On the verso, in rubric, the title: The Death of Socrates.

  2. Winner! Plus extra credit for the verso.

    With skills like those, you should consider a Ph.D. program, Chris. You might have to move, though.

  3. My paleography class is already paying for itself!

    That document is both handsome and historically accurate, and I hope it is well preserved for the ages. Its author should be proud.