Monday, May 26, 2008

Unpurchased periodicals trump online infosnacking

One of PDX Writer's many tentacles was standing in the doorway of Kir watching the lightning and the rain Saturday night, when a friend who recently dropped out of college listed her reading for Spring Term--or what would have been Spring Term had she stayed in school. Naturally, the list included Sartre's Roads to Freedom trilogy, a samovar of Italo Calvino (yes, samovar is the correct term for a singular grouping of Calvino books), The Future of an Illusion, and a little pulp courtesy of Thomas Mann.

As the tentacle counted the thirteenth thunderclap and watched a crazy bicyclist ride by while singing (or shouting?) aloud, s/he decided to 1) cease all online reading in favor of those baggy monsters; 2) begin by reading the books already on his/her shelf, rather than purchasing new ones.

How is our tentacle's project working? Well... Tentacle has discovered that many perfectly intelligent periodicals are available for free in print form. On Sunday alone, Tentacle picked up a copy of Rain Taxi, the latest issue of Context, and spring's Arcade. So Tentacle may not have finished--or even started--reading any novels since Saturday night, but after thirty-six hours, the experiment is still intact. Writer readers, we'll keep you posted.

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